BB Phuket Launch

"Vivaldi detailed and managed virtually every aspect for the launch of Phuket's East Coast luxury resort sensation, thrusting it into the regional spotlight."


Event objectives:

  • To deliver an event that positions BB Phuket as one of South-east Asia's most unique and innovative luxury resort experiences
  • To establish BB Phuket as a celebrated destination for art, fashion, food, celebrity and retail by leveraging the launch event's multiple components
  • To drive regional word-of-mouth based on a total experiential launch event

Vivaldi brought together a large internal team and leveraged close working partnerships with Thailand's premier event suppliers to deliver a resort launch that will be talked about for years to come. Its scope of work covered everything from VIP invitations, provision of bar and seating facilities, fireworks, live performance artists from across the world, big-name DJs, lighting design, international media liaison - in short, everything required to deliver a massive hit of memorable, artistic entertainment.

BB Phuket's resort concept centers around metamorphosis, so event components had to exemplify this colorful butterfly theme; what followed was a thrilling and highly engaging two days of resort-centric entertainment which presented the best music, food, art and fashion at every guest touch-point.

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