The Grange & Penfolds' Media Dinner

"Twenty key media representatives were selected for an exclusive preview of The Grange 2011, an extremely high-end fine wine at an intimate media dinner."


Event objectives:

  • Host a premium media dinner with paired wines to introduce Penfolds' latest wine collection
  • Build media understanding of the Tale of Grange, and position Stephanie Dutton, Penfolds' winemaker, as an opinion leader
  • Develop close relationships between Penfolds' and key media stakeholders

The Penfolds Collection 2015 launch program was hosted by Ms. Stephanie Dutton, Penfolds Winemaker, and introduced "The Story of Grange", a short film showcasing the extraordinary tale of the Grange wine label - and its creator, Max Schubert. Narrated by Academy-award winner Russell Crowe, the film is set to a musical score created by Australia's most distinguished screen-composer, David Hirschfelder.

The 2015 collection represents the finest range of high quality wines, each with a distinct character, quality and provenance - testament to the 'House Style' and philosophy of Penfolds. Vivaldi's exceptional and longstanding media relationships give it a massive advantage over companies specializing solely in event organizing. Leveraging the power of integrated PR, Vivaldi's exclusive dinner at the Grand Hyatt Erawan connected the 20 most relevant media representatives directly with Penfolds' and its key personnel, forming the basis of an ongoing relationship between brand and media.

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