King's Cup Elephant Polo

"Supporting WGS to bring the Hendricks brand to life, Vivaldi served celebrities mixed with luxury spirit suppliers at a wild outdoor attraction... for a great cause."

Hendricks the delightfully different centerpiece for a wonderful sporting occasion

Event objectives:

  • To deliver a fun charity event to serve as both media and guest magnet, leveraging association of King's Cup with the premier spirit brand
  • To introduce several brand ambassadors and themes, and demonstrate the innovation of Hendrick's through the event
  • To drive awareness of William Grant & Sons recognition of the importance of social responsibility through a prominent sponsorship event

The sport of elephant polo is a magnificent outdoor spectacle, but a challenge of creating outdoor events in Thai summertime is the unrelenting heat. Vivaldi used this as an advantage, creating a cool and relaxing VIP lounge with external air conditioning - obviously a huge attraction on a hot day with lots of guests. The lounge was served by a complimentary bar with waiting staff dressed in Hendrick's period costume, and featured ice sculptures by a famous artist, models, performance arts and a cigar humidor.

The event brought big-name celebrities and a wealth of media organizations, all capably handled by Vivaldi's large on-site team. Vivaldi provided guest registration facilities and concierge, as well as organizing still photo and HD video production, MCs, logistics and the management of further VIP guest appearances.

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