Communications messaging to avoid

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    Your PR agency will always try to convey the exact message you wish to express to media and the market, but there are times when your appointed communications team will try to steer you away from certain ways of describing your company or your products. There are a handful of terms which can really grate when press releases are read by editors. Here are a few standouts that crop up every day on every media desk in Thailand. A global…

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    Public Relations

    When PR gets bloody: United Airlines

    United’s calamitous month was merely a high-profile culmination of years of operational mistakes and PR mismanagement. Happily though, it does make for a good rapid-fire study on what NOT to do…

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    Social Media

    What is Social Listening?

    Social listening is the process of collecting social data by monitoring terms, names and products associated with your brand and industry, with the aim of helping businesses monitor content performance and…