vivaldi team about us

Vivaldi launched in Thailand eleven years ago, and in that time it has developed long-lasting mutual friendships with the country’s top magazines, newspapers, radio and TV channels. This is one of the reasons behind our ongoing success story.

The media landscape has changed a lot in these last few years, with the explosive growth of mobile Smartphone media and hundreds of millions of permanently engrossed social media users. It is becoming clear that managing clients’ brand messages has never been more complicated, or the number of channels more numerous. Vivaldi seamlessly integrates digital and social media communications into our traditional public relations services, and is uniquely positioned to ensure successful outcomes for our clients.

With a focus on regional expansion and a South-east Asian network of partners, Vivaldi is a leader in delivering results. Since 2004, the company has provided unequalled service in fulfilling clients’ communication needs, and continues to expand in exciting new ways to remain one of the fastest growing agencies in the region.