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Communications messaging to avoid

Image credit Animales Oso Polar

Your PR agency will always try to convey the exact message you wish to express to media and the market, but there are times when your appointed communications team will try to steer you away from certain ways of describing your company or your products. There are a handful of terms which can really grate when press releases are read by editors. Here are a few standouts that crop up every day on every media desk in Thailand. A global…

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Why Marketing and PR needs Big Data Science

Image credit Revinate dot com

Regular LinkedIn users who often check the classified job ads may have noticed an increasingly common trend among marketing recruiters – jobs requiring some expertise in data science (or “Big Data scientists”). Big Data and digitally applied skills jointly provide better analysis of business/consumer results (or any shortfalls in this area); and, such skills also help to extrapolate and zone in on those who are likely to be interested in the client’s products and service offering. Several tech magazines have…

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Public Relations

When PR gets bloody: United Airlines

Image credit bloomberg news

United’s calamitous month was merely a high-profile culmination of years of operational mistakes and PR mismanagement. Happily though, it does make for a good rapid-fire study on what NOT to do with your crisis response communications. Public Relations communications, when used correctly and appropriately, does nothing other than to amplify an organization’s messaging to media and to the market. The ‘dark art of spin’ should only ever become a factor when things go terribly wrong, and even then it should…

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Social Media

What is Social Listening?

Image credit cisco systems

Social listening is the process of collecting social data by monitoring terms, names and products associated with your brand and industry, with the aim of helping businesses monitor content performance and track competition. It exists as a logical step forward from something PR agencies have offered to their clients for many years – traditional media monitoring. The PR world has evolved past traditional media channels to encompass a wide range of platforms that connect directly to end users (Facebook, Twitter,…

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An interview with Thai PR

Thai PR

Vivaldi founder and CEO Joseph Henry talks to Thai PR web about the success of Vivaldi Integrated PR, and the future of digital public relations in Thailand   What is the background of Vivaldi PR and how does it differentiate itself? We specialize in content creation, so we help clients build strategies around effective content for all mediums – digital, social, traditional media and events. We create prepackaged stories, including photography and videos for publications to help boost clients’ digital…

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