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Thailand Likes This: Social media in Thailand

Thailand social media

A quick glance around on the BTS commute home reveals that Thailand loves its social media; whether you’re organising a night out with friends on LINE, catching up with the latest events on Facebook or scrolling through Instagram feeds for dinner inspiration, social media in Thailand is a way of life.

According to 2014 statistics from the Digital Advertising Association of Thailand, out of a population of 67.9 million people, 30 million have Facebook accounts – a far higher number than the global average.

But it’s not just Facebook we’re hooked on; Instagram is another firm favourite, with 1.7 million users in Thailand and iconic Bangkok locations, including Siam Paragon and Suvarnabhumi Airport consistently ranking as some of the world’s most Instagrammed spots.

Our infographic above breaks down statistics for social media in Thailand.

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